Our very first recruitment poster, 2009

-You play guitar; want a deep musical experience with challenging music in an ensemble like no other; are willing to take direction and work as hard as necessary … HVGO is for you. No matter what kind of music you are used to playing – Rock, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Country, Blues, Punk, electric, acoustic, played with a pick, fingers, it doesn’t matter. A good attitude and a love of music is what you need. We are also committed to balancing our ensemble by gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and age because we have an inclusive community mission, along with a passion to make great music.

Musicians are welcome to contact HVGO anytime to set up an interview/audition with Peter Blanchette. The audition is informal and lasts about a half an hour. You do not need to prepare a piece for the audition. The main objective is to determine if you have enough proficiency to learn to play HVGO parts well, and whether you can follow musical direction. The ability to sight-read is not required.

HVGO is a serious time commitment, players must attend weekly attend rehearsals on Monday evenings from 6-9pm at the Northampton Center for the Arts, and participate in performances. In addition, all players must practice out side of rehearsal. Our season begins in the Fall and culminates in our Spring Concerts events, usually held in early May.

HVGO is TRULY alternative!
INSTRUMENT/EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: To play in HVGO you need to have an instrument that is either electric or acoustic with pickup system. Nylon string guitars and acoustic steel-string guitars must have undersaddle-installed pickups. An amplifier is also necessary; for electric players, a combo amp with one 12″ speaker or two 10″ speakers is ideal. For nylon and acoustic players, a small “acoustic” amp is best, though we can plug acoustic players into a small PA.

Now you know what’s involved; contact us and we’ll arrange an audition for you!