Videos for KEEFCHORDS piece

Special thanks to Davor Tomasic for doing this! Here is the pdf of the PART

This rhythm is very important for all players to be familiar with, electric and acoustic.
Please study.

VIDEO: Keef-chords A-G-F#, transition section
VIDEO: Explanation of augmented sus4 chord motive in Keefchords
VIDEO: “Skittish” section E/+4 to F#/+4 before transition KeefChords
VIDEO: Explanation of D-Bm7#13-C#sus4-C#m add2-Bsus4-Asus4+ to KeefChords
VIDEO: After KeefChords up to D, etc less talking
VIDEO: rhythm of KeefChords, Skittish + transposed sequence from D

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