Surf Sonata Materials

Materials, assignments for Surf Sonata, a three-tune medley of Surf music, (‘Pipeline’ and

Five surfers!

‘The Lonely Sea’, by the Ventures), and music converted into Surf music (‘Sede’ Thirst, by Carlos Paredes, master of the Portuguese Guitar).

Parts (pdfs), and audio.


Pipeline, E 1 (Alberti bass) solo Butler – Kenny Butler
Pipeline E1 Melody – Group 1, Dan Thomas, Michael Nix, Doug Hegeman.
Pipeline E2 – Ricker, Devine, Fried
Pipeline, Acoustic Guitar update 11/14-16: Fishman, Moriarty, Weinberg, Schulman.

Pipeline audio original version by the Ventures

The Lonely Sea:
The Lonely Sea – E1 – Group 1
The Lonely Sea – E2 – Group 2
The Lonely Sea – E3 – Dave Fried, Doug Hegeman
The Lonely Sea – Acoustic Guitar – Fishman, Moriarty, Weinberg, Schulman

The Lonely Sea audio original by the Ventures
The Lonely Sea – guitars, slowed down, at pitch, for study.

Electric Solo 1 [Butler]
Electric Solo 2 [Ricker]
Electric Solo 3 [Devine]
Electric Group 1 [Nix, Fried]
Electric 4 [Fishman]
Baritone [Hegeman]
Nylons [Moriarty, Schulman, Weinberg]

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