About our younger players …

HVGO always has young players in the ensemble … The youngest to audition was 11 years old, joining when HVGO started in 2010- continuing for four more years- and has become a formidable jazz bassist. Another guitarist, who fronted an award winning band in high school, played a soloist role in many pieces, and has gone on to study music at USC.
We currently have students from a valley high school and community college filling out our roster.

Over the years, a pattern has emerged: young people who join HVGO gain an abiding love of music, of working together on minute details in their playing, and then they move on! We lose them, wether to college or into a career in music. It’s bittersweet to see them leave, and the HVGO community is proud of them all, and this is exactly as it should be. We also look forward meeting the next eager, interested young woman or man who wants to play in the orchestra! If you know a young person who might be right for HVGO, info on audition/interviews is right here!

Gwen Moriarty, Matt O'leary, Nylon String Guitarsdemeo_hvgo_prtrt_2kohlin_prtrt

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