HVGO @ Holyoke High School!

“That Bach piece you guys played made me cry.” HVGO director chats with enthusiastic, guitar playing Holyoke High School students after the in-school concert.

HVGO played for a big audience of High School kids in Holyoke today. We played Philip Glass, Bach, Gustavo Santoalalla and Wilco- the kids were awesome! They loved it- and they gave plenty back, as an audience. Afterwards, many came up onstage, enthusiastic about the whole crazy idea of a guitar orchestra, doing such diverse music.

HVGO rocking Holyoke High School!

Some wanting to show us they could play, and interested in joining.
HVGO director Peter Blanchette chats with enthusiastic students at Holyoke High School, just after the orchestra’s in-school concert.
Really a beautiful experience. I have so much pride about my colleagues in the HVGO. They are all different, they bring hundreds of different strengths to a community of music-making that means something very deep.

Mark Todd_Peter B_ Donald Sanders.jpeg
HHS Music Dept. head Mark Todd, Peter Blanchette, MIFA Executive Director Donald Sanders

Thanks to Don Sanders, executive director of Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts, and to Mark Todd, music department head of Holyoke High School.



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