Trip it Upstairs / Monaghan materials

Materials, assignments for Trip it Upstairs / Monaghan, a medley of Scottish (The Gow Collection of Scottish Violin Music) and Irish violin tunes (from “O’Neil’s Music of Ireland), with added counterpoints composed by Peter Blanchette.


Parts (pdfs), and audio.

Violin I [Butler] pdf
Violin II [Devine] pdf
Violin I & II part pdf
Group 1: Nix, Thomas pdf
Group 2: Ricker, Fried pdf
Elec.3: Fishman pdf
Acoustics: Moriarty, Weinberg, Schulman pdf

Trip it Upstairs / Monaghan
from “British Isles Archguitar” by Peter Blanchette, with Kenny Butler, violin.

Surf Sonata Materials

Materials, assignments for Surf Sonata, a three-tune medley of Surf music, (‘Pipeline’ and

Five surfers!

‘The Lonely Sea’, by the Ventures), and music converted into Surf music (‘Sede’ Thirst, by Carlos Paredes, master of the Portuguese Guitar).

Parts (pdfs), and audio.


Pipeline, E 1 (Alberti bass) solo Butler – Kenny Butler
Pipeline E1 Melody – Group 1, Dan Thomas, Michael Nix, Doug Hegeman.
Pipeline E2 – Ricker, Devine, Fried
Pipeline, Acoustic Guitar update 11/14-16: Fishman, Moriarty, Weinberg, Schulman.

Pipeline audio original version by the Ventures

The Lonely Sea:
The Lonely Sea – E1 – Group 1
The Lonely Sea – E2 – Group 2
The Lonely Sea – E3 – Dave Fried, Doug Hegeman
The Lonely Sea – Acoustic Guitar – Fishman, Moriarty, Weinberg, Schulman

The Lonely Sea audio original by the Ventures
The Lonely Sea – guitars, slowed down, at pitch, for study.

Electric Solo 1 [Butler]
Electric Solo 2 [Ricker]
Electric Solo 3 [Devine]
Electric Group 1 [Nix, Fried]
Electric 4 [Fishman]
Baritone [Hegeman]
Nylons [Moriarty, Schulman, Weinberg]

HVGO open rehearsal at HCC Music Colloquium, Feb. 24, 10am

On Wednesday, February 24th at the 10 am Colloquium for Holyoke Community College music students, HVGO Musical Director Peter Blanchette will lead an open rehearsal lecture demonstration on the guitar orchestra.  Guitar playing students are invite to join the orchestra in a rehearsal/workshop environment, where we will work together on sections of Ludwig van Beethoven’s masterpiece, Symphony No. 7, second movement, Allegretto, arranged for orchestra of acoustic and electric guitars.I_WANT_YOU_RecruitmentBelow are links to parts in pdf format. You DO NOT need to sight-read fluently, but looking at the part ahead if time is advised. As indicated, there are parts of varying technical levels. We cannot stress enough how welcome players are to participate- it will be fun! Just bring a guitar and, if possible, an amplifier.

Beethoven 7th Allegretto Electric Guitar Group 1 part (quite easy to play!!)

Beethoven 7th Allegretto Electric Guitar 1 soloist (more challenging)

Beethoven 7th Allegretto Nylon 1 (Medium level)

Beethoven 7th Allegretto Nylon 2 (very easy)

This event is made possible in part by funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council.


Glass: Etude No. 9 score, parts, practise materials

Philip Glass: Etude No. 9 (originally for piano)

PDF Files:

Score: arr. Peter Blanchette


E1 Solo, Ricker_UPDATED 11-27-2015
E1 1 Solo 2 Thomas_UPDATED 11-27-2015
E2 Solo 1 Tomasic_UPDATED 11-27-205
E1 group Fried, Rovero UPDATED 11-27-2015
E2 group Lane, Jaeger UPDATED 11-27-2015
E3 Group Flechette, Fishman, Gerlip UPDATED 11-27-2015
Acoustics UPDATED 11-27-2015
Nylon 2 Wetherbee, Moriarty_UPDATED 11-27-2015
Nylon Solo Blanchette, archguitar UPDATED 11-27-2015

Practice Audio Links: (this post is updated frequently)

Nylon 2 Beethoven videos here.
Acoustics Beethoven videos here.
E1 Group Beethoven videos here.
E2 Group Beethoven videos here.


Beethoven Symphony No. 7 Allegretto Score/Parts

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7

PDF Files:


Not available



E1 Solo, UPDATED 10-21-2015
E1 Group, UPDATED 10-21-2015
E2 Solo 1 UPDATED 10-21-2015
E2 Solo 2 UPDATED 11-29-2015
E2 Group UPDATED 10-21-2015
Acoustics UPDATED 10-21-2015
Nylon Solo
Nylon 2 UPDATED 10-21-2015

Practice Audio Links: (this post is updated frequently)

Nylon 2 Beethoven videos here.
Acoustics Beethoven videos here.
E1 Group Beethoven videos here.
E2 Group Beethoven videos here.


Beethoven 7th, Allegretto- Practise Audio Links

Full ensemble demo, rough mix, m1-section K

Electrics 1- Sections D-E-F (without E1 soloist) starts 3 mm before section D

Section G: Acoustic soloist, Nylon Soloist featured in mix, also includes Acoustic group …

E 1, E 1 solo + E 2, E 2 soloists- Section B (with click)

E 2 Group- (no soloists) Sections D-E-F

E 2 Group+ Soloists Sections D-E-F

E 2 Soloists ONLY – Sections D-E-F